History of the International Meeting.

The history of this meeting begins in Italy 9 years ago when elements of the BMW Luxury Touring group from Spain went to Italy to the event organized by KOG.

The following year, many of the members of the KOG went to Barcelona at the II International Meeting, and the following year the Spanish group traveled to Italy for the III International Meeting in Turin.

2014 was the turn of Spain, where they received our Portuguese friends from the BMW CKLT, having been absolutely spectacular. In 2015 it was Italy’s turn, and the event was fantastic.
In, in 2016, for the first time in its history, the event was held in Portugal, organized by the BMW CKLT Community and it was memorable; The event has been running alternately, and this year 2019 will be once again in Portugal, organization run by the BMW CKLT Community.

Now, in 2020, Spain will be the host, the event will be in Asturias, in september!